PSYC 5860 Special Topics

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Dr. Chris Mruk, Professor of Psychology

Bowling Green State University: Fall, 2018

Phone: 419-433-5560, Ext: 20612

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Advanced readings on self-esteem, positive psychology, humanistic psychology, and psychotherapy, depending on which version of the course is offered. The readings will address important issues and themes that are of mutual interest to the instructor and student in one of the topic areas.


The general goal of this course is to offer special topics in psychology that may be of interest to a small number of students any given semester that the course runs -- usually the summer or fall. ions. To this end we will examine clinical, work place, and educational

Learning Outcomes

The aim of this particular offering is to help the student to apply course content to his or her area of interest, usually psychology, counseling, social work, or education majors. Learning outcomes will be developed on an individual basis to match continuing education or graduate needs.


The course requirement and assessments will be developed on an individual basis to match continuing education or graduate needs.


Attendance: While the text is a good one, it is by no means the final authority on the subject. Therefore, the lectures are the key to the course. They will cover particularly important information from the readings, make clarifications, offer alternative views, and add information not found in the book. It was carefully chosen to meet both academic and practical needs of the students who generally take this course. In order to further address diversity among learning styles, you should also know that a study guide sometimes accompanies a text and it can be purchased at the university’s book service. You may also avail yourself to the Learning Center which often helps start up a study group for this course. Both of the activities are completely voluntary. Attendance is expected because positive participation is an important part of the learning process.

Academic Honesty and Student Code of Conduct: Of course, any form of cheating cannot be tolerated and students are referred to the "Academic Honesty" section of the current Student Code/Affairs Handbook for specific information concerning definitions of cheating, plagiarism, other offenses, and their respective penalties beyond the one for violating class policies. All violations will be reported. Naturally, students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately on campus, in class, and when using computers. See this university web site for details.[iii]

Disability Policy: In accordance with the University policy, if the student has a documented disability and requires accommodations to obtain equal access in this course, the student should contact the instructor at the beginning of the semester and make this need known. Students with disabilities must verify their eligibility through the Office of Disability Services, 105 George Mylander Hall - Firelands or 38 CPOB - BG campus. Students wishing to discuss their eligibility for such accommodations are encouraged to contact the office at phone: 419-372-8495, fax: 419-372-8496, or email:, or visit this web site.[iv] 

If you need to take an exam in any but the Canvas format, then you MUST follow these procedures: (a.) Follow all of BGSU's procedures for accommodation, (b.) If the accommodations involve extended time for testing, you must first email me notification of that need 24 hours in advance of the time the class will take any particular exam - a blanket request will not suffice as sometimes students wish to take the exam in the regular classroom anyway, (c.) Make arrangements to start the exam at the same time as the regular class does but in a proctored environment, such as the learning center, or I will need to create a makeup version for you. Other accommodations, such as readers, note takers, and so on, must be made through the learning center or disabilities staff.

Class Cancellations, Modifications, and Office Hours. Note that notification of class cancellations, changes, and other modifications in case of illness or other events will be sent to you as an Announcement in the Canvas pages for the course, BGSU email, or both. My office hours can be found at under the appropriate link.

Copying and Recording: The use of electronic data recording or transmitting devices, is acceptable except when taking or going over an exam. The University has suggested that professors make it clear to students that lectures and other course materials are protected under copyright laws, meaning that you should not make a complete copy of the course lectures or materials and that you should not pass your copy or recording on to others. Absolutely no audio or video material generated in class or on its web pages is to be posted or displayed anywhere without the written permission of the instructor. Although it is unclear who actually owns student generated material other than exam responses (which belong to the instructor), I will make an effort to return written or project material to you as soon as is reasonably possible.

Class room behavior: Pagers, cellular phones, lap tops, text messaging devices and so forth may buzz, ring, make noise, or otherwise distract any person at any time. Such intrusions can disrupt the teaching and learning process, which is the most important priority of a university. It is the responsibility of those who use such equipment to make sure it does not disturb either the instructor or other students. Texting may also be disruptive if it occurs too often as that may distract the instructor or those around the individual engaged in the activity, not to mention its deleterious effect on attention and learning. Similarly, excessive talking in the class while someone else holds the floor, or any other kind of disruption to the learning process, cannot be tolerated. If I determine that any of the above phenomena interfere with the learning process in the classroom, I will try to offer the individual(s) concerned a verbal warning. If the disruption continues or is repeated in any way, I may take the steps necessary to have the individual(s) removed from the course.

Make-ups and Drops: As you should know, BGSU does not require the instructor to provide make-up examinations. However, this instructor may allow them for problems deemed by the instructor to be reasonable, such as documented illness, emergencies, and so forth. The make-up exam must be completed within one week of the regular offering of the exam or it becomes an "F." You should know that the make-ups will take place in the Learning Center and that they require you to make an appointment with them for such exams. If for some reason you intend to drop the course after the first few weeks of class, do not just stop showing up and assume that BGSU knows you've dropped it. Instead, make sure you fill out a drop form and turn it in to registration or take care of it online.

Incompletes: Grades of "Incomplete" must be approved by the instructor, who gives them only under extremely extenuating circumstances occurring near the end of the semester. Requests to extend an incomplete must be made to the Dean's office before the appropriate deadline has passed. In case class is canceled, we may meet for up to ½ hour longer after the usual ending time until we make up material, providing space is available. If this happens, I will attempt to make a recording of the lecture and place it in the library in case you cannot stay.





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