Activity Opportunity #1: Internet Analysis -- Due march 25 in class only.

I. PSYC 4050 INTERNET ACTIVITY 1: Text vs. Internet (Use this above title for the first line of the paper.)

II. NAME: (Place your name on this line.)

III. WEB SITE: (Insert the URL of the web site that you are using for this activity in APA form.)

IV. WEB SITE CREDIBILITY RATING: (Give the site a credibility rating number based on the following scale and add a line or two about why you gave rated the site this way.)

1 = Poor: A site that is largely based on personal opinion or commercial values.

2 = Fair: Some professional opinion or advertisements, but not much.

3 = Good: Some evidence of research-based information, even if opinions or advertisements are present.

4 = Excellent: Solid (good or plentiful) evidence of research-based information that is accurate, informative, and/or useful.

5 = Outstanding: Solid evidence of state-of-the art knowledge, in addition to overall excellence as defined above.

V. COMPARISON AND CONTRAST: (Use the rest of the page to compare and contrast the material the web site has on your topic with the material the text has one it. The comparison is based on similarities, the contrast focuses on differences. The entire paper should be 1 full APA page (1 inch margins, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font). Grading: 2 Points. 1 for following the form correctly throughout and 1 point for a good (accurate and thoughtful) compare and contrast section. Note that although unlikely, extra point may be given for work that is, to the professor's mind, exemplary in every way.)

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