These pages (will) consist of a copy of the outline of my lecture notes, chapter by chapter. The order is from left to right and down the page. They are intended to help you prepare for the lecture and are most effective if you read, or at least skim, the chapter before you get to class. The outlines can also be helpful for studying, but do not confuse an outline of the notes with the actual lecture notes: you need to create them yourself by attending class!

Chapter. 1: Becoming a Professional AND Chapter 2: Responsible Practice

Chapter. 3: Getting Started

Chapter.4: Attending and Listening

Chapter 5: Support and Empathy: Sustaining

Chapter 6: Exploration and Elaboration

Chapter 7: Assessment through Goal Setting AND Chapter 8: Evaluation and Change

Mid-Term Exam: Chapters 1-8

Chapter 9: Gaining New Perspectives

Chapter 10: Changing Behaviors

Chpt. 11: The Clinical Relationship: Dynamics And Chapt 12 Boundaries

Chpt. 13: Working with People in Crisis

Chapter 14: Endings and Transitions AND Chapter 15: Professional Issues

Closure and Presentations

Presentations (Time permitting)

Final Exam, Chapters 9-15

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