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Christopher J. Mruk, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

Bowling Green State University

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This home page serves as a general index for material related to the courses I teach as a professor of psychology at Bowling Green State University Firelands College in Ohio. Some of the classes are for undergraduates, others are for graduates, some may be taken for continuing education credits, and a few are completely online. Feel free to look around, but note that the goal of the site is to be functional. Thus, I keep the use of graphics to a minimum so that pages will load faster which is helpful for students working at home. Similarly, I use fairly large print throughout the site because it shows up better on projector screens in class and training situations. If you experience difficulty or notice something upon which I could improve, then please contact me as I want the site to be pleasant and helpful. Also, the pages open best with Internet Explorer browsers. Sometimes others have been reported to not work.

Note: The caricature is by a former student whom I feel is a wonderful artist. He captured something students often call "the look," a facial expression with a raised eyebrow that is a friendly invitation to be a little skeptical upon occasion. Some people don't quite know what to make of a caricature on a professional page, so a "real" photo of me is provided below. The site may contain copyrighted material, so you probably should ask for permission if you decide to link to or copy pages but I won't get all excited if you don't.

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